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a platform that connects people in the wheat industry

– Connecting the global wheat market –

wide supply of high-quality raw wheat includes SOFT and DURUM wheat

We operate by creating a connection between sellers and buyers for imports and exports, to create the best possible deals for both parties in order to guarantee the best price, quality, and service.

to organize all aspects for transport, by connecting the origination with the end destination

We offer a free estimation of transport costs from the loading port to the unloading port of the end client. Also, we provide all aspects of the logistics such as quality inspection, custom broker, an official quote from the best shipping companies, transport insurance, customs clearance, assistance for delivery to the end client.

for Grain Elevators, Storages, Mills, Feed mills, Bakeries and Pasta manufacturing plants

We offer assistance and connections with companies specialized in planning, construction, and maintenance of equipment, that concern all the processes of cereals manufacturing such as receivingstoringcleaningmillingmixingpackaging.

We can offer turnkey solutions, high customizable complete plants, and auxiliary machines, or we provide assistance for the restoration and improvement of existing plants.

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